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  1. In truth I never was a big fan of Yakuza, in fact I had a strong dislike of it, due to the fact that SEGA, was or has been using it as a substitute for "Shenmue"! However after playing Yakuza 4, I found myself entranced by the story and the introduction of the new characters, of which, I strongly consider to be the greatest addition to Yakuza, period!! My favorite character out of the pack is "Shun Akiyama", thus I was interested in seeing where his story arc lead! His role now continues on SEGA's Ryū ga Gotoku Of the End or Yakuza Of The End, which is pretty much a game about a zombie outbreak, in the world of Yakuza! This is a fun game to play, gameplay wise, it has everything you'd expect from Yakuza 3 and 4, with mini-games, etc... However it has one flaw, which is the camera, this seems to plague a majority of games, mainly those of first time developers! The camera is too sporatic, which can cost you energy as the zombies attack away, while you try to regain control of the camera! Yakuza was not built for this type of gameplay, as the battles that occurred were stationery! In this game battles are more free moving, which would be a good thing, if the camera was done properly! The most common result of sporatic camera movement is motion or simulator sickness! This is never a good feeling and it sucks to have a good game and not be able to play because of a faulty camera setup! If you can stick it out, I'd recommend trying it out, it's very fun!!!!

    Gameplay wise (Excluding the camera) I give it a 8!


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