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  1. Now we have seen Home grow throught the years, but nothing compares to the reboot planned for September 2011. Home producers say that the Home experience will be completley different, basing more on the idea of an amusment park. Instead of random spaces, users will see a whole new transportation system. This new world will have a central hub (Say goodbye to the plaza) and many districts on the outside. These disctricts have been associated with different game genres, so there will be a cozy place for everybody. From what I have gathered, Home will be nothing the same. This new framework promises users a faster, funner enviroment, and claims that you will always have something to do. I just hope that we keep the social gathering features that we have learned to love and cherish. Thank you for reading. Comment and tell me your thoughts.


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  1. stephrules31
    Haha. Oh Will... I like Kimi said, there is going to be a ferris wheel. I cant wait to ride it with you. :bigsmile:
  2. pelinho
    they btr do a cool thing cus the only cool thing to do there is spend some tima with my friends n with steph XP
  3. LittleLostAngel
    No more bowling alley???? :-(
  4. Kimilicious
    Lol Yea And According To Jack, It Is Ride-able ;D
  5. stephrules31
    Haha. Yeah I know. :D Well I think it will be great too! Wait... Theres a ferris wheel??????? OMG
  6. Kimilicious
    This New Upgrade For Home Looks Amazing. Everything Will Stay In Tact. Only The Core Spaces Will Be Removed ie. Central Plaza, Theatre, Mall And I Think Bowling Alley ?

    I So Want To Ride The Ferris Wheel ;D
  7. M1A1 Thompson
    Don't worry, it was confirmed that you spaces, items and rewards will stay the same.
  8. LittleLostAngel
    Im very excited about this. I just hope we will keep our personal spaces.and that we will still have the dolphy races and aurora.