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  1. "hey, wanna join a fam?" These are likely familiar words if you've spent a lot of time wondering the public spaces of ps home, groups of people determined to build a gang as large as they can without feeling the need to actually be friends with many or any of their members.

    I've noticed many habits which seem common amongst these groups, many habits still seen when the groups claim to be "different from other fams". A common factor of these fams is use of the same text colour among members and wearing the same or similar clothing, seemingly ruining the idea of individuality.The next factor I noticed was group status, titles displaying someones importance in a fam, with general and godfather being 2 of the most commonly used titles.

    Now onto behaviour, many of these fams will attempt to "recruit" members (this act being an important factor in determining a members status within the group) while many in their attempts to recruit will ask around and accept any response of "no" many others will refuse to accept this response, using this as an opportunity to harass the user of whom the question was asked, in many cases gathering other members to join in with the harassment. This same behaviour is often emulated whenever a fam member meets a member of another fam.

    Now, while I may be against the whole Fam idea as a whole, some of these factors I have mentioned show that the people who start these groups have certain skills that could be put to better use, organisation seems a key component to the supposed success of a fam and some members do seem to possess this skill. A major problem is many seem to lack the social skills to simply have a close group of friends and this leads them to have this idea that starting a fam will help them get some friends when often it will just lead to drama.

    The solution? Be on the lookout for someone who may just need a friend, listen to them and don't let them feel that they have to turn to fams to get the friendship they require, you won't just be helping them' you may just make another great friend :)

    Well, I've shared my opinion, and now I'd love to read all of yours :)


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  1. lilsyder1
    I've tried out the the fam thing and it is a total waste of time. They have no concept of respect for others or themselves. i've lost friends because of those losers. They're all a big joke. NEVER join a fam!
  2. gary160974
    I am bit random when it comes to making friends on home, for instance I only invited 3 people I knew and 8 random strangers to get the pelicans on the sunset yacht, I saw it as a challenge and im still friends with 4 of the 8 strangers now, ill also put my name forward on here if anyone wants to visit an apartment and have met people that way, occasionally for something to do will help a stranger with a reward hunt or an objective for instance I met a person in UFC card area that wanted Brock lesner card not because they wanted for a book or set because they were a fan, I left a friend there on a brb, server hopped got the card went back and just gave it to them for nothing, you can imagine how happy they were, I did it cos I saw the abuse they took for saying I will only swap for Brock lesner, yeah Ive meet some freaks but the beauty is you can make as many friends as you can, get rid of freeks and end up with a decent collection of friends on home, the fam concept has been about a while on imvu and second life, but it tended to have a more club feel to it and it is so much harder to cause drama on them. The fams on home most Ive seen seem to wanna cause drama, common one being putting a girl avi alone somewhere busy and then if anyone answers her hellos the fam turn up as the injured party wanting to hand out grief, problem is your never see a good fam even though there are probably plenty out there, the most visible and loudest fams we see are usually the worst and it is so easy to make friends on home, id rather be looked at as a nice guy with a good bunch of friends than an underboss with a bunch followers, each to they own I suppose
  3. yokokoroma
    You've pretty much summed up what a "Fam" is, they do indeed deny one their individuality, by making them conform to wear certain colors & clothing. However these groups goals are much more than trying to make friends, with some if not all trying to control public spaces, as to who can & can't access them! The wearing of colors is more closely related to gangs, then anything else! I thought nothing of this when I 1st saw it, but to see an avatar pledging his/her allegiance to another avatar, is quite disturbing! Yes, it's a virtual world, but it's easy to sway those of weak mind, especially the youth!! which seem to be a steadily increasing demographic in home! I don't condone nor advocate "Fam's", I say keep your individuality!!
  4. stephrules31
    Lol. I never understood this. Thanks for clearing it up. :D