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  1. Co-op gaming is one of the biggest reason games are selling these days! (it's way more fun to play with friends and family as the level of excitement is much higher) While it's true a lot of gamers want to play online with friends and the like! There are those on the opposite end who want to game offline with friends! The best way for a developer to appease both sides is to offer both options to the same game! However as of late, it seems more developers are opting out on offline co-op game play, the question is why? Do they not realize that if offline co-op is what a gamers looking for and it's not offered, that gamer or gamers will not buy their game! They will find another game that offers offline co-op and spend there money on that! Gamers look for both nowadays, as opposed to one over the other! That being said, the upcoming game Dead Island, will not offer, offline co-op! and it's something a lot of gamers asked about! do developers not think offline co-op gamers exist? are they really paying attention or listening to their consumers? In general a game that offered no co-op, but is a game that it could work on, have been altered to do so! For instance, one of my favorite game series, originally titled Devil Kings or Samurai Kings, (developed by Capcom) which is now titled Sengoku Basara, was originally a single player game, but playing like Dynasty Warriors, many gamers inquired about why it wasn't 2 player split-screen! It took a few games, but the game became 2 player split-screen and it supports online co-op as well! Thus Capcom satisfied both offline and online gamers! This isn't the PS2 era, where developers can say it's not possible, this is the PS3 era, where concepts they couldn't do are concepts they now can! Offline co-op is not new, but it is something they can implement more easily than they could in the PS2 era! Developers wake up!

    offline co-op games PS3:

    RE: 5/ GE
    Lost Planet 2
    Resistance series
    Army Of Two series
    Kane And Lynch series etc...


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  1. Ninja101213
    I think they should make more games that have the option the gamer to play online with freinds and offline with freinds