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  1. When I first moved to this school, I made a lot of Japanese friends. One of my Japanese friends told me a rumor I was shocked about. At about midnight, when I texted my virtual parent, they said "It will be okay, as long as you're not hurt."
    So I stayed at 8:00 PM at night and my teacher asked me "Why are you here?" I said to her "I heard a rumor about this school." She said "Pfft, that's not going to happen. Now go home."

    So I pretended to go home by hiding at the concession stand. By that time, all of the lights were shut off & the bell rang. It was 11:00 PM. I was shaking so badly until I saw my friend walking with a flashlight in his hand. He handed me the flashlight & asked me if I can go on a "paranormal activity."

    So I accepted his offer. I searched around the school. A drop of water fell above my head. I look at the ceiling & investigated it. My friend said "That came out of nowhere!" I look at the hallway window & notice that there was somebody watching us investigate the school. My friend told me "That is the gang leader. She watches us every night."
    That's when I heard a stomping sound or somebody banging against the window. I asked him "What is that?" He replied, "Nobody knows who that is."

    As I entered the classroom, I noticed handprints on the window. Some horrific smell of toxic asbestos were damaging my lungs. My friend quickly handed me a gas mask & I continued to search. Around the classroom, I notice some type of shadow running around the field really quick. Then, I heard a strange, laughing evilly. When it was 5:00 AM in the morning, I heard the bell ring. Did somebody forgot to shut off the bell? I was really scared when I entered the school that morning.


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