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  1. I saw a post awhile ago and it said that noon downtown from Granzella is comming ( from what i know is from the japan home ) While im wondering if any
    of you know if it is comming or not or when is it comming. Please help
    i really want this dam public space!!


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  1. Furry-Weasel
    o.o ok i hope it fixes lol
  2. gary160974
    It has been closed in japan due to issues with it so dont expect it anytime soon,
  3. faga4567
    Are you talking about Japan or other regions?

    Japan had it released last month, but due to problems (seems to be a serious one) it has been taken down. The is no return date announce and probably may take several months before coming back. (hope it doesn't turn out like the other lounge that never came back)

    For other regions, it'll probably take 2~6 months from the release in Japan depending on how it goes. Granzella seems to be using Japan region as a beta testing ground, and have users give them feedback to fix bugs, and improve the lounge before the release to other regions. So more the bugs, the longer it takes.

    Oh by the way it's "Neon" not "Noon". Someone initially did a bad translation there, never fixed it, and kind of spread to others.