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  1. I really enjoy the new Granzella place that has been just released. Bringing back the old Irem games and winning new prizes. Do you think they will release anymore of these public spaces from japan Playstation Home? I really enjoy these places and want more. Do you guys know anything of new releases? Let me know :eek: .-Furry_Weasel


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  1. Furry-Weasel
    ive heard they are bringing ''Noon downtown'' do you know if its comming to the us region?
  2. gary160974
    Turned into moan about granzella blog lol currently no news on others coming to NA region, Edo coming to EU this week, granzella updates is a be careful what you wish for scenerio, as the island gets ruined, the Edo updates are worth it but never buy granzellas first round of premium equipment for anything as they have a habit if releasing better premium equipment later, Greedzellas biggest achievement is to have the most expensive game to do on home, fossil digging is a game that have 6 premium items not including the 3 earlier ones they conned people with, 2 apartments linked to it, and a ticket system bit like midway but for the same money you get 10 tickets, actually costs more than a real psn game.
  3. rangerdan
    Hahaha im guessing they'll add more soon because they're making so much money at this, and as a new start up, they been money.
  4. Furry-Weasel
    What did these comments have to do with my question? lol
  5. Spiritwolf101
  6. Spiritwolf101
    but when you do play the sword practice game you get a Bambo practice sword for your avatar
  7. Spiritwolf101
    beware playing the sword practice game there because when you do, until you leave the space many ppl are getting errors sayin that the wardrobe is unavailable so the game renders it useless until you leave
  8. rangerdan
    I'm still mad at the people that run that bath house!!! When I walked in, my avatars Trademark Cowboy hat was removed... "Why!!!" I Screamed to myself, "why!!!" With out my hat, the bath house might as well left my avatar truly toweless... For what lies beyond the bath house, or that there in, I shall never know, due to my B-line out the door, and to never return...
    Oh! And to answer your question, I don't know.