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  1. YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! THEY ADDED MORE CASINO REWARDS! But actualy they just extended the tiers and added more, i havent got a chip package yet but im soon getting one, they have added rewards for every game!!

    1. Casino War- Toliet Paper Holder (Reach Tier 4)
    2. Big Six Wheel- Casino Chip Rug (Reach Tier 5)
    3. Slots- Velvet Rope (Reach Tier 4)
    4. Keno-Wall Safe (Reach Tier 4)
    5. Blackjack-Lobby Chair (Reach Tier 4)
    6. Poker-Hotel Room Chair (Reach Tier 4)
    7. Total Winnings Rewards
    1. Casino Card Rug (Reach Tier 4)
    2. House of Cards (Reach Tier 5)
    3. Floor Safe (Reach Tier 6)



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  1. cutehottie_101
    How Can i Add u
  2. HeavensLightfire
    MORE REWARDS?????????? *Dies of happiness*