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  1. I love my Godilla animated theme. I usually keep away from animated theme, preferring to have a picture of my own choice, and I know themes use memory, but I do love Godzilla...

    A while ago, and my newer ps3 has a larger hard drive, my old ps3, I only just started to have the hard drive space full... but I am happy to delete a lot of games, to transfer videos, but "DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY MUSIC".

    today I got an animated cherry tree, fake windows and box beats, nature and horror.

    I like my music...

    well, I am more pleased today, as the items I got take up only 1 slot each... 22 slots for an electric lamp! I really should know better.

    So the Oasis reward apartment... pretty much lkwd all over, good sounds, acceptable artwork, but no logic to the space whatsoever, I got the animated shower and placed that where the inactive showers are... they have a pool in the space, you get a beach ball from the xp, but you can't piut the beach ball in the water!

    lkwd spaces are a hodgepodge of ideas, they really need to sit down, they could do with taking some architecture classes.


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