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  1. First off i wish to say that all the below data/information is real taken direct from the source via API data or direct from the sources public data.

    I'm forever seeing people that still 'size' websites via hit/view counts, this is a very old way with untrusted data way to 'size' website. People might ask why is this, well that's easy!

    In this day of age with the internet, it's full of spam robots that look out for sites where they can spread spam, this effects a hit count and in less you have systems to combat this, it can greatly effect the totals. People can also now buy 1000's of 'hits' for as little as $1, why this can boost a sites alexa and google ranking, it does not boost your community and this brings me to how to 'size' a site.

    The internet today has become a very social driven network, and this is what you want from your sites, you want user interaction with your site and with other users to grow a community, not only on your own site but on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

    You need to ask yourself this, do you want 10,000 hits with no user interaction or 1,000 hits but with user interaction? For a community based site you want the interaction, and for company's that work with you, they should be wanting to see the user interaction also, because it helps give feedback and shape their products and spread the word of mouth between real people.

    So lets take a closer look at some stats to highlight this fact, using what most would say our the leading unofficial sites for PS Home.
    Website Comments
    First off lets take a look at the sites interaction in terms of users commenting and giving direct views/feedback on the latest PS Home content and news, Something Dev's should want to see.
    Has you can see, the above data is the number of user comments made to articles for the first 3 months of this year. This is a area where you want to see a community interacting with a site, what good is 1000 views of a news item if 900 are robots that don't interact, you want to know if people like your content and how to make it better, you also want to see a community talking about your content, word of mouth is a very powerful tool to use in a community driven platform.

    For a platform like Home, where your selling something based of a image, you want people to see your content in a better way, why at same time driving user interaction via comments.

    Twitter is a great way to interact with a community and spread the word on content and news, but you want to know that your tweets are being seen and that people are retweeting them for others who might not follow you to see, not only does this grow your own community it also spreads the word for new content.

    The main data you want to be seeing is the number of times other users retweet, favorited and mention your tweets/twitter account. You will see the data is from basically the first 3 months of this year.

    I would post a more in detail part on Facebook here but it does not have a open API that you can access to view the needed data to do so.

    But the data you can see is the number of 'Likes' and this reads as follows.

    YPSH = 4002
    AZ4 = 3717
    HSM = 1307

    You can also look at the comments made and the number of likes each post gets, again you want to see this user interaction from a community.

    So to sum up, you wish to see a community having a interaction and active part in your site and social platforms, because at the end of the day we all want to see the Home community active and growing, for us users it means more people that could become great mates and more fun and for the dev's it can mean better sales as people talk about there content.​
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