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  1. Title: Home Tycoon (Creepypasta)
    Arthur: avilesc

    The day was October 8, 2012. I woke up late as usually, 11: 30 am, since I didn't have a job anyway. No I am not lazy; I have several injuries and PTSD. But that’s not what this is about. So I woke up late as usual and my wife was not home. At first I was thinking “Where the hell she go this time!?” But then is just said screw it and went to the living room for some gaming before the kids woke up. Now that I think about it, it was strange that the kids were still sleeping.

    So there I was getting a pot of coffee and toast ready while I loaded Playstation Home on my PS3. I logged in then went straight to this new game that I have been playing every day called Home Tycoon. In this game you could actually make your own city, walk/drive around, and do missions. I liked it so much because the city building part reminded me allot of Simcity, back when I had my Super Nintendo.

    Finally the coffee and toast were done and I sat down to play. At first I didn't notice anything wrong except for one thing. When you first go into the game you're in a train station. Now if you ever played PS Home you know that new games are always flooded with people. The train station was dead empty. Not a single soul but myself. I chocked it up to another glitch and continued to my city anyway.

    Aside from the usual glitches in my city, since the game was new, nothing seemed off. But just as I started working on a new building I got a message in the chat box. It wasn't a local message though. This would have made me question things sooner if it wasn't for the fact that the developers temporarily band access to other people’s cities while they fixed certain glitches. I got a personal message from a user I never met. They weren't on my friends list and I didn't recognize the name.

    The user name was a series of numbers. Again I didn't think this was strange because people do make usernames like that. From this point I decided to answer and see if I knew who this was. Maybe a family member who changed there user name?

    #: Hello? Are you there?
    avilesc: Yeah who’s this?
    #: Can you hear me?
    avilesc: I don't use voice chat. Who is this?
    #: Help me. He won’t stop.

    At this point I figured it was someone being harassed by a troll or something. So I told him/her that they can report someone if there being harassed. The next part threw me off completely.

    #: He’s after me. Help me.
    avilesc: Ummm who?
    #: Help me
    #: Help me
    #: Help me
    #: Help me
    #: Help me
    #: Help me
    #: Help me
    #: Help me

    This spammed my screen for about 30 seconds when I was about to report the user who was now spamming me. But just then as I was going to type in their user name, something happened. My in game character was suddenly in free walking mode. This is where instead of a top down view you can actually walk thru your city. But the thing is I didn't touch my controller to make that happen. It just suddenly was. Next I tried to go back to report the user again but again my character was in free walk mode. I was confused.

    At this point I looked at my chat box and nothing was there. As if the whole conversation never happened. So I ignored it and started walking around my city. Everything was fine for about 5 min. That’s when everything went downhill. Suddenly my chat box was filled with another message from the same user spamming over and over again just two words.

    #: He’s behind you
    #: He’s behind you
    #: He’s behind you
    #: He’s behind you
    #: He’s behind you
    #: He’s behind you
    #: He’s behind you

    Thoroughly creeped out, I looked behind me. Obviously nothing there in the safety of my living room. I sighed and looked back at the screen in shock. The entire screen of the game was distorted and blood red. My character barely visible looked like it was screaming as a high pitch sounds blared from my TV. I totally freaked out at what I saw and instantly turned off the game and TV.

    Breathing heavy I decided to take my meds and lay down. Soon I fell to sleep without realizing it and woke soon after. I got up feeling refreshed. I then looked to my side and my wife was lying in bed sleeping. “I guess she came back while I was napping” I thought to myself. Soon after stretching I looked at the time to see how long I slept. It was 11:30am. “Was that just a dream?” I asked myself. I then went to the living room and noticed the PS3 was logged on to home. My wife doesn’t play PS Home.

    -THE END-​

    :zombie:Hope you enjoyed my creepypasta!:zombie:
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  1. Heavyn
  2. avilesc
    I have my moments of sudden creativity :)
  3. Heavyn
    I wish I could do that :( only in clothes lol.
  4. avilesc
    Thanks I actualy JUSt came up with it after the Train Station glitched on me and there were no other users there.
      Heavyn likes this.
  5. Heavyn
    that was actually pretty awesome. This is my first experience with creepypasta and that was actually pretty good. :)