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  1. Well some of you might spot this right away, but i have made a few small design edits to how forums are shown on the site to make them stand out a bit more and show a bit more info faster.
    • First off the font was made bigger for the forum names, so that they stand out more from the rest of the page.
    • Next, each forum now has its own forum icon that was designed to match that forums subject the best it could.
    [bimg=316|top|center|New forum icons]27102[/bimg]
    Also of the front forum listing, you will now see that the sub forums show info on the number of threads and posts that they hold.
    View attachment 27104

    Also, to do with sub forums, when your in the General & Home Discussion forum, the sub forums will now show side by side, this is to save some space, so less of a scroll is needed to get to the main thread list on the page.
    View attachment 27105
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  1. HOPPER_34
    looks like :shit:

    lol j/k looks great--a bit more organized and icons are always a good visual cue.
  2. Adrian
    I like bigger writing :)
  3. C.Birch
    Yes as in your view on it :p
      Adrian likes this.
  4. Adrian
    Looks good... "views", I'm assuming you wanted opinions, well, it looks like a good thing :)