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  1. Fams. One of the things I really dislike about Home. For example, I'm with a friend or two, just hanging, and someone in gangster-ish clothing asks me "DO YOU WANT TO JOIN MY FAM?" I'm sure you're familiar with these words. And I always say no. And why? DERP I'll tell you. First off, the annoying clan tags. They are spread all over Home and pointlessly fill my text box. Second, the areas they "hibernate" in For example, The Godfather, The Hub, The Playground, those are just a few. You can find them almost anywhere, though. I also have to mention their choices for running their fams. They will assign a pop up color to the members and they must stick to it, or they might have to wear certain clothing. And all l have to say is EWWWIE. If you're as awesome as me, you don't join fams. Uh huh. I just go like this: :nono: Heck nuuu. As well, I've heard about some fams offering their members PSN cards for completing tasks or attending one of their weekly/monthly meetings, which I think is completely absurd. That's money down the drain for crying out loud. BLEGGH. :hmmm: Overall, I boo fams. Do you too? Leave a comment or tell me your opinion. Heck yeahhyuh.


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  1. Yoseph Hudson
    well I'm confused is it a club cuz if it's tht I'm in 1 & it's cool we hang out but no missions those fams suck
  2. alexbuffy
    I agree! I hate going somewhere public with some friends and seeing clan tags and being asked if I want to join. It makes me want to rip my hair out!
  3. Zk1018_
    We party an help ever 1 find new rewords
  4. Zk1018_
    My fam is just my Frends we got no ruls we don't fhit with fams we just hang an have fun
  5. sandwolverine
    I absolutely agree, fams have become a plague on ps home. No matter where I go, there is at least three to four people asking me to join... Worse, I don't even know who they are... I'm to the point that I stick to my personal spaces and invite my friends..
  6. shaunm2
    The only "group" I associate with is the club I created that is for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as military supporters. It currently has no members but me but I am sure to have aome one day. To me it's not about what you wear so much as the service done. Its my way of honoring my fellow vets and maybe getting some the help they need but are afraid to ask for.
  7. alexbuffy
    Well, yes, the 'good' type of fams are fine with me, but the bad ones are a terrible image on Home.
  8. alexbuffy
    LOL! They do embarrass themselves, really.
  9. gary160974
    Fams should be like a group of friends with a few rules, these rules were more to do with respecting other members of the fam, thats what you get generally if you find fams in other social applications they are more like a virtual family with not very big numbers, apart from home where fams are more like gangs than family, commandments replace rules, and disrespecting others because they dont wanna be in your fam or laying traps to create drama is just as normal, there are some good fams and bad fams but unfortunately bad fams have created the image we know in home
  10. Kimilicious
    LoL While I Will Agree With You About The Whole Fam Thing, Its Quite Funny To See Them Act Tough And Embarrass Themselves.

    I Did Meet One Fam/Gang/Crew Whatever You Want To Call It Which I Thought Was Pretty Decent Only Because It Reminded Me Of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. They Made The Grove Street Gang And They Hung Out At Midway, At Least That Was When I Saw Them There.