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  1. Ever since I have made my return on Home, I have noticed that I have been ticking people off, one by one. Most of these people happen to be friends, new and old.

    It seems I keep constantly saying the wrong things, when I mean something entirely different than what I said, or my humor has all of the sudden become upsetting. I find it to be rather odd to me, because normally I'm accepted rather well. So just in case, if I happen to tick any of you off, please be aware that I am not doing it intentionally and I am sorry.

    I only ask that you ask me to explain myself, instead of just getting mad at me and storming off.

    That is all, thank you.


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  1. shaunm2
    I learned don't ever say Merry Christmas, SATANLOVES YOU to a bunch of carollers. They tend to not like that.
  2. gary160974
    She sells seashells by the the sea shore , I snapped when I found out id invested in that business lol
  3. EvilFluffyBunny
    Yes, I did put evil in my name for a reason. :devil:

    Indeed, text doesn't always show a person's tone, but I try to simplify it, even though it doesn't always work.

    Awww, thanks. :hug:

    They drug me, I swear. ;D
  4. EvilFluffyBunny
    True. Thank you. :)

    Lol. Can't say any of that has made me want to snap. I must be special. ;D
  5. Kimilicious
    Fluffy Is Evil And Bad ? Since When !?! .. Well Maybe Around Spinal And Twist .. Definitely ThreeD ;D
  6. B_Claws
    Considering you have the word "evil" right in your name, I'd be a little disappointed to not get a little attitude out of you, it would be false advertising otherwise :D

    One of the downfalls of online text chat is that its tough to determine someone's tone, and even more difficult when you can't complete a thought in one chat bubble due to message size limitations.

    You're still my freeeend though!
  7. gary160974
    Frustration is the main cause, lag, being kicked, not being able to log on first time, rewards not turning, the noobs, all adds to that feeling of frustration,
  8. Kitty_Pyra
    Sadly abit more of a social disorder has appeared in HOME.
    People are joining social cliques/fams and these groups are affecting how once nice people used to think or act...

    All you can do bunny is be true to yourself and not let other people change how you act or who you are online!

    :tease: Its staying true to ourselves that makes us special in HOME and online... and keepin mind your true friends will love ya no matter what you say or do!!
  9. EvilFluffyBunny
    That could be.

    It really has seemed like people have been extra sensitive, lately. Just wish I knew why. I haven't noticed any strange behavior, just sudden moments of them snapping.

    I was able to talk to one and clear things up, but so far I haven't had much luck with the others. I remain hopeful and ready to talk, though.
  10. Kitty_Pyra
    Seems alot of people in home lately are being a bit 'over sensitive' and jerky. I wouldnt say your at fault just being are maybe trying to put more into what your saying than you intended...