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  1. introducing a new version of Dante, which resembles the original Dante, in no way at all!! "Fans" are divided, the majority saying, the game is trash and their not playing it! Then there's the lesser of the two, who say, I'm going to play it! (I don't see these "fans" as fans at all, because their accepting this as canon, when it's not in accordance, with what was set) I would rather see the concept presented by the artist who did this PS3 imaging, than this so called "Prequel"!!!! Which puts Vergil back in the frey!!!


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  1. yokokoroma
    Agreed! I wouldn't even call him Dante because he's not!

    It's sad, but it's true! That's the way most fans feel, so your not alone!

    Yes, "continuation"... move the series forward!!
  2. Kimilicious
    The New Dante Is Really Weird .. LoL

    Capcom Has Killed Devil May Cry With A Prequel And Young, Emo Dante. I Would Have To Look More Into It, BUT I Doubt I'll Be Interested In This One.

    I Want To Know What Happen To Dante After DMC4 And Nero ..

    Instead Of Going Forward, Capcom Goes To Dante's Origins >8(