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  1. This Easter i went to my mates as normal and we headed off to Derwent Dam in the Peak District on the Good Friday and i had my drone with me and it was a lovely calm sunny day so it was the perfect time to take the drone up for a spin. Check out the few photos below i had taken

    DJI_0002.jpg DJI_0005.jpg DJI_0007.jpg DJI_0009.jpg

    Just as I was coming into land, a staff member come across telling us we could not fly the drone and basically having a moan about if they let people fly drones there would be “drone wars”, likely people are going to want to smash up drones that cost up to and over £1000, I really fail to see the hate some have for drones, the area was not packed with people and i was not racing it around in a careless manner, i was just filming the Dam to upload for others to see what might just make people want to go there the next time we have a sunny weekend.

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Recent Reviews

  1. AstralStarr
    "Brief intro of Derwent Dam."
    Pros - Nice photos & video taken by the author's drone.
    Cons - Could have been even better with bit of history and details of the actual venue especially for foreigners or people who haven't heard of the place.
    Very thoughtful of the author to have shared her recent holiday @ the Derwent Dam over the good Friday just gone with the site members.
    1. Adrian
      "Lovely views"
      Pros - Scenery, Quietness, Can we have a Derwaent Damn home space please xx
      Cons - misery people not allowing responsible drone flying.

      I don't have a strong view on drones, perhaps people need to acquire a license for them. We can imagine ne'er do wells causing mischeif with them..... "registered drone clubs", could be a nice way to reglulate their use and would serve as positive propaganda, showing people using drones responsibly.

      But I really like the Derwent views, my home town is Derby which has the Derwent running through it.

      ty for the vids and pics.


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      1. AstralStarr
        Smashing pics and vid. Your drone did a fab job there. Thanks very much for sharing with us. You are a star! x