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  1. Hey Home-ies!! I dont know about you, but I am trying to beat the heat!! :sweatdrop: Anyways, I just wanted to talk about this website. How was it started?? I am completley lost! Did Carla Birch and the other founders just decide they'd make this awesome site? Do they work for Sony?? Oh and speaking of Carla, a while back, I saw her in the Plaza. I had NO idea she was the leader of a website! Lol. Anyways, has anyone else had these questions? If so, just leave a comment and we can discuss!!


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  1. Im_s0_fly_u_mad
    Wow can anyone learn things such as this that yu speak of?
  2. stephrules31
    Haha. Well I'll stick to this site for now. I'll learn some things, then I'll give it a shot.
  3. stephrules31
    Oh ok. Gosh... I might sound crazy, but you really inspire me. You created a whole thriving community. It is the most advanced gaming community BY FAR, and it keeps growing. I would really love to one day start something like this...
  4. stephrules31
    Well it is really great. And Im guessing the URL wasnt free?
  5. stephrules31
    Thanks guys! I love Home and I just discovered this site. Im really impressed. And Kim, I saw your pics. They are really pretty! Keep it up. I'll start uploading some too. :D The reason I thought this site was a product of Sony was because it looked so official! Lol. I love it!
  6. Smack
    Only carla can tell the story on how it all began, And no one here works with a sony it's just fan based but the site does get sony people and other game company devs.

    Carla :whip:'s, Tell us a story..

    It's a nice site at that..
  7. Kimilicious
    Hi Steph .. Welcome To YPSH ;D

    Tell Me About Beating The Heat. LoL. :p

    I Do Not Know How It Started At First BUT It Has Been A Big Success And It Will Continue To Expand :) .. Carla Would Have To Answer Your Questions Regarding The Website. I Am An Admin Around Here And No I Do Not Work For Sony. I Promote YPSH.

    If You Have Any Questions About YPSH Aside From Its Origin, Ask Anytime :)

    - Kim