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  1. A long time ago, I used to hear a lot of nasty things about the people who frequent the official PS forums. I kept an open mind and ignored it, because I wanted to find out for myself. When I did find out for myself, I found that a lot of the slanders against certain users were not true. However, the one thing I really noticed, and I can’t think of nicer terms, is that the words hypocrite and fake often creep into my mind. I’m not saying that everyone from there is like that, but I’m also not going to mention who all is. I just want people to know that I would like to take a step back and just get away from all of you.

    Those of you that I hold nothing against, a lot of you mingle in the same groups as the people I cannot stand. To be honest, I don’t know why you would even want to hang out with some of these people. Hell, I have a hard time tolerating them without not blowing up. I’m not the type, to just let things slide and try to get along with everyone, because from old experiences, it has always lead to more problems. So I like to get away from those who mingle with people I can’t stand, aside from just getting away from the ones I can’t stand.

    The X7 space has really shown the true colors of the people who consider themselves valued members of the Home community and give an impression that other users should follow their lead. (Mind you, there were other things that lead to this build up, before x7, x7 just topped it all off.) Sure, they’ll all claim they don’t consider themselves valued members of the community, but deep down inside, that’s how they see themselves and prefer to be around people like themselves.

    Also, they’re the ones saying, “I’m not buying that, that price is ridiculous!”, then they go out and do the exact opposite of what they said, while later trying to stick up for the little people of Home. What is point of trying to do something for the little people, if you’re going to go buy what you said you wouldn’t, due to the price? Don’t they know that further gives Sony the idea that you like the way they are doing things, which screws over the little people in the end? Obviously not.

    What their reasons are for this behavior, I do not know, but if I were to guess I would say:

    A. They want to stay caught up with their exclusive group, because they wouldn’t be as admired by their friends, if they didn‘t. (They say it’s for their enjoyment, but that’s just a mask.)

    B. They like how crappy Home’s functionality is and will pay whatever price Sony asks of them for an item, because Sony needs the support to improve Home. (If Sony doesn’t improve Home, they’ll just toss out another over priced item, with promises of feeling special and being a more valued user when you own it, and the hounds will come.)

    C. They just like to have nice things, because it makes them feel about themselves and their life, especially when they get recognition for it.

    D. They want to rub in the fact that they have things others don’t and will gladly remind the less fortunate how they are better than them.

    So basically, I am just fed up with a lot of people and want no part with anyone who socializes with them, because I can for sure maintain a distance from the annoying ones. Which means not coming here to chat anymore, possibly getting a different Twitter, and letting people know they can feel free to delete me from their PSN list. I want to find a group of people that aren’t as fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs or as equally annoying as her, nor do I want to spend gatherings around people like that. I want a fresh start. There are just too many attitudes, I can’t stand to be around, anymore. How in the hell some of these people can live the way they do, is beyond me. If I were them, I wouldn’t even want to look in a mirror and face myself.

    If you don’t feel that you were given enough details in this message, feel free to talk to me in a private manner by messaging me on MSN:


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  1. shaunm2
    I personally haven't been to the forums in a long time. Too many jerks spouting off on there. I tried a while back to understand people that spend all their time posting on there but I came up with nothing. If you do go you will truly be missed. Btw, I understand the anxiety and panic attacks completely. Luckily they put me on new meds to control them.
  2. KamoKarnage
    i think it's awesome that you're standing up for how you feel. I stepped away from the forums a while ago myself, only going as a last resort for when I need help with something, and it shouldn't be that way, it should be the first place to go. I only started going back a few weeks ago, and really see no need for myself to frequent it like I used too in years past. Too much drama at times. I have enough in my own life to see it in forums where all I want is help or to express ideas. I moved all of my inquisitions pertaining to Home or playstation to alternate forums, google or twitter, and have been personally happier ever since. =)
  3. HOPPER_34
    I'm wishing good things for you. I can relate to a lot of what you have said and give you credit for stepping up and expressing it. You have a great sense of humor and a lot of friends. If you take a break, that's not a bad thing by any means--hopefully time away from it all will be a healer and you will come back even fluffier! Good luck and stay cool. :wink1:
  4. C.Birch
    Added you on msn fluffy, ill be on later if you wish to talk, i hope its no one from here that made you feel this way. Pulls fluffys long ears and runs :p
  5. HeavensLightfire
    Ill miss you Fluffy :(.
    I do hope you get the fresh start you want :)
  6. Aiken_Drum
    That sounds like a good plan, Fluffy. Time away from bad stimuli does help with anxiety. That's why I go at least a week or two between visits to, sometimes months. I get too worked up. I hope it works for you too.
  7. Kimilicious
    Awe Fluffiness! I Will Miss You!

    Don't Leave Us, I Will Miss All The Great Times We Have Had Together! :(

    It's Good To Take Breaks Time To Time, I Can Understand Many Things Just Overwhelm Ourselves. Take A Break Fluffy And Then Come Back Again, I'll Be Waiting :)
  8. EvilFluffyBunny
    Here's what I'll do. I'll keep Twitter open, but everything else I'm going to take a week long break from, maybe 2 weeks, actually. I've done this before and it helps. I just don't want concern if I'm not always contacting someone or if I'm not doing the usual things I do.

    I am calmer than earlier. But still, it would be nice to have a break of some sort. Plus, for the last 3 weeks, I have been having random and mini panic attacks. Nowhere near as bad as they used to be, thanks to my meds. But knowing how much of a thinker I am and how something that really irritates me can build up, until it finally pushes my button, it's best if I kind of go off and do my own thing for a bit.
  9. EvilFluffyBunny
    It wasn't you, trust me.
  10. ZeroRyoko
    I can understand the needing time off Fluffy. I haven't even been on home yet this week just to calm down from some things on home that have been upsetting me lately. Hopefully you will stay around, even if you do take a break from home.