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  1. I went to the Casino: VIP hoping to get up to Rank 3 to get the Dress pants to match my shirt, but i also wanted the Blackjack shirt for getting 5 Blackjacks in one sitting :hmmm: , to be honest, i wasnt expecting me to get 2 Blackjacks in the first 3 rounds :eek:hmy:, so i was all like :stretcher:, but when more rounds came by and i got 5 Blackjacks i nearly was ready to faint:speechless:, so far im still getting the dress pants, but i guess Blackjack was there for me after all :)


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  1. HeavensLightfire
    Blackjack is awesome :D
  2. gary160974
    Love blackjack and poker earnt 100000 off blackjack havent played poker enough really but did eliminate every player in one game so I got myself the trophy