Granzella New This Week From Granzella Worldwide - July 24th, 2013

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  1. kwoman32

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    New this week in NA :

    NOTE: There has been some confusion as to the start time of the Kikai Machine Empire Event. Granzella has just corrected it once again :The Kikai Machine Empire event will start in North America on July 25 at 10:00 pm Eastern/ 7:00 pm (Pacific) and lasts before the beginning of maintenance on August 7th.
    20130725_The KIKAI Machine Empire.

    We are pleased to announce the Kikai Machine Empire event will be held in North America starting from 10:00 pm (EDT) on 25th July and will continue through before the maintenance on August 7th. Be there and witness the whole thing! *The event starts gradually from 10:00 pm on.

    At 10:00 p.m. (EDT) on July 25th, the UFO that stayed over the Neon Downtown was transformed.

    On July 25th, all of a sudden, the UFO that appeared to be a friendly messenger to the earth demanded that the earth should be surrendered.As the government ignored this, the UFO that stayed over the Neon Downtown was transformed and started attacking the earth!

    The Kikai Machine Imperial Army dropped countless Kikai Soldiers from the UFO. The city was almost completely destroyed by the Kikai Soldiers. Attacks from the Kikai Machine Empire continued with no mercy, taking hope away from the people.

    Here comes a mysterious organization, called "Granzella"-- the Granzella Self-Defence Forces. Now, let’s become a member of Granzella Self-Defence Forces and prevent their invasion!

    Join the Granzella Self-Defence Forces! Let’s gather information in the Secret Base? of the Granzella Self-Defence Forces!

    Once you receive the battle suit in the Secret Base? lounge, you will become a member of Granzella Self-Defence Forces! In addition, you will obtain one of the weapons of the following three professionals once you complete the quest given out by the Granzella Self-Defence Forces:

    A) Profession: Beam Samurai
    Beam Samurai are the experts at direct attacks with the Beam Katana.

    B) Profession: Honeycomb Hacker
    Honeycomb Hackers hack enemy computers and force them into friendly fire.

    C) Profession: Battle Healer
    Battle Healers are able to heal allies and destroy enemies with fists of steel. They can deploy their energy shield in front of them.

    Help People and Get Reward Items!

    When you talk to some people in the lounges, you will start a quest as a part of the mission. Every time you complete the quest, you will gain reward items, such as “Kikai Soldier’s Mask” and “Kikai Soldier’s Toilet”.
    In addition, depending on how well you fight in the battle, you will receive “valiant points”. The valiance points will be tallied up, and the top ranking Players will be announced on the ranking board in the Secret Base? lounge. The highest ranking players will receive super gorgeous reward items such as “Kikai Soldier’s Mini Bike” , “Kikai Soldier Outfit” and so on.

    Be sure to check our or Kikai Machine Empire Event Guide -- CLICK HERE

    Items available for purchase :


    Beam Samurai Weapon Set - Beam Samurai Weapons Set contains basic items for Beam Samurai, who are the experts at direct attacks with the Beam Katana. Beam Samurai basically use their swords to unleash combo attacks

    Honeycomb Hacker Weapon Set - Honeycomb Hacker Weapon Set contains basic items for Honeycomb Hackers, who are able to disrupt enemy computers. Honeycomb Hackers hack enemy computers and force them into friendly fire.

    Battle Healer Weapon Set - Battle Healer Weapon Set contains basic items for Battle Healers, who are able to heal allies and destroy enemies with fists of steel.
    20130725_The KIKAI Machine Empire_job.
    Attack-type Partner Set, Dog - Attack-type partner dogs are trustworthy companions that follow the player around and deliver body blows to the enemies they discover. They have a strong affinity for Honeycomb Hackers and display an increased attacking strength when accompanying them.

    Support-type Partner Set, Talking Radish (partner robot ) - Support-type partner talking radishes follow the player around.They are trustworthy companions that will enhance attacking strength, defensive strength, movement speed, and gauge increases at fixed intervals.

    Recovery-type Partner Set, Rabbit - Recovery-type partner rabbits will heal you at fixed intervals. They have a strong affinity for Beam Samurai and display increased healing abilities when accompanying them.

    20130725_Partner Set.

    Bomber Zo-Iyaar Model Set
    Bipedal Cleaner Ordnance Chigore-Gayne Model Set
    Quadruped Missile Ordnance Die Killer Unke Model Set
    UFO (Pre-Transformation) Set (UFO front)
    UFO (Post-Transformation) Set

    Locomotion - Booster Shoes (5 Colors) - Equipping Booster Shoes will improve your jumping ability and change your jump attack into a dropkick.

    20130725_Locomotion - Booster Shoes.

    New this week in EU and Japan :

    "Lounge Update: Great Edo of Nippon - ""Operation: Defend Edo” (individual/ group battles)
    ""Okubi Hunting"" event" (The Okubi Hunting event will start in Europe and Japan on July 24th
    and end on August 28th.)

    The outfits of warriors active during the late Tokugawa period have arrived! Granzella introduces the Sincere Ronin 3-piece Set. The outfits of ronin warriors, formed to protect the security of the nation at the end of the samurai period, are now available!

    Fluttering, vivid blue cloth sleeves and the impressive, long hem design of the haori and hakama will fill you with a pure sense of justice. A ponytail with a hachigane headband hairstyle and sandals are also provided in this 3 piece set. Men and women wearing this item will show more bravery and dignity. On the back, against a blue background, the character for "sincerity" is presented in white.

    20130724_Rifle Warrior_Ronin.
    The new Gunfighter profession for Operation: Defend Edo has arrived! With a haori, hakama, and a shouldered long rifle, the Gunfighter is here!
    As a shooting expert, long range is the Gunfighter's strong point. From out of enemy's reach, one after the other, aim and shoot! In addition, it is highly advantageous for attacking mononoke that appear in the air during Operation: Defend Edo. It's possible to accurately damage the Ookubi and Hitouban which are usually difficult to hit.
    Along with a gun for a weapon, this 4 piece set also includes a haori and hakama, gunfighter ponytail hairstyle, and boots. Available in red, blue, black, and white.
    20130724_Rifle Warrior. 20130724_Ronin.
    Gunfighter 4-piece Set Blue,Black,White,Red
    Sincere Ronin 3-piece Set
    New this week in Asia :

    20130724_Nostalgic School Days.

    Nostalgic School Days Personal Space
    Self-assembly Blackboard 2-piece Set
    Grand Piano Set
    School Desk and Chair Set
    Cleaning Supplies Set
    Home Economics Room Counter
    Science Room Counter
    Human Anatomical Model

    New this week in EU :

    Granzella introduces the Locomotion - Bullpen Cart, Locomotion - Baseball Set, and Baseball Uniform.

    The Pitcher, Catcher, and Batter locomotion items are available in a 3-piece set deal.By changing between three types of motions for each position you can pretend to play baseball along with other players. In addition, you can enjoy a ride in the Bullpen Cart.

    Baseball Uniform color variations will be released successively, one after another (two colors per week)! By combining colours on the uniform pants, baseball cap, helmet, glove, and bat, you can create a team of your own!


    Baseball Cap Black
    Baseball Helmet Black
    Baseball Uniform Black
    Baseball Pants Black
    Catcher's Protector and Uniform Black
    Catcher's Leg Guards and Pants Black
    Baseball Shorts Black
    Catcher's Leg Guards and Shorts Black
    Baseball Glove Brown
    Baseball Bat (Wood)
    Catcher's Mask Black
    Catcher's Mitt Brown
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  2. drake21734

    drake21734 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yay finally Kikai Machine Empire!
  3. Shaundi

    Shaundi Third Street Saints Valued Member

    Queue the NA complaints about finally getting Kikai while EU and Japan gets an Edo update :p
  4. sam_reynolds01

    sam_reynolds01 Well-Known Member

    Edo update will be interesting and guess i could repeat kikai its been a while since i played it last. :p
    Just a shame it too so long for the US folks.
  5. Heavyn

    Heavyn ~The big and the bad~ Staff Member Valued Member

    If anybody who has been waiting for Kikai complains about that they should truly reevaluate their lives.
  6. ReccaWolf

    ReccaWolf Well-Known Member

    Dammit, I just ran out of EU pounds! Now I need to ask anybody here for some EU pound trades for PSN NA codes. If you're available, please PM me via Inbox. Thanks!
  7. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    oh no.....

    I may be torn between kikai and FF14 open beta T_T
  8. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    UPDATED July 23rd, at 2:30 pm GMT :
    New video and times for Kikai Machine Empire event.
  9. Hunter HHG

    Hunter HHG New Member

  10. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    UPDATED July 23rd, at 3:30 pm GMT :
    Times for Kikai Machine Empire event have been corrercted (again) by Granzella.
  11. Adrian

    Adrian Active Member


    NOW Granzella presents


    O K U B I
  12. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This is an older version of the opening movie (dates are wrong),
    but at least it is translated into English.
  13. martinsonj

    martinsonj Member

    I'm just happy that Sony Japan even allowed GZ to make the rifles. Maybe in the future GZ could make modern firearms. A Uncharted3 style mini game made by GZ or even Peakvox would be very nice.

    But on topic, I am clearly interested in the gun hand item, but I want to see how hard it is to beat the new mission with using a sword or steel bat. Since GZ is selling a brand new sword, it must be possible.
  14. ReccaWolf

    ReccaWolf Well-Known Member

    Seeing how some will probably use any sword, or using any of the Setsubun weapons if they don't have any pounds or euros, it seems possible, but you'd probably be losing as much points in the long run. However, I'm excited to see what the event holds. I'll be playing this in Japan before heading to EU and see for myself how difficult it is with or without the gun rifle. Hopefully, they won't make another ranking reward comeback again like Setsubun and Kikai has done. Looks like it won't though, thank god! :p

    Luckily the event will last for 5 weeks for each of the rewards from the trailer - enough time to switch back to Kikai and beat the snot out of the robots (and the players in NA) for the ranking rewards.

    And here's a fun fact from Wikipedia about the Okubi:

    In Japanese folklore, Ōkubi (大首) are giant heads of either men or women. An ōkubi appearing in the sky is a sign of impending disaster, which may be a typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, or fire. Ōkubi are otherwise harmless and will disappear soon after the first sighting.
  15. faga4567

    faga4567 Well-Known Member

    Not really impressed with the Ookubi event. There's a freeze bug after you use your items, your stuck until an enemy hits you. Also the fog makes your view hard to see. There was only 1 reward and changes weekly, so most probably 5 rewards total for the whole event. The video shows all of them if that's the case.

  16. kwoman32

    kwoman32 Head Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Once again, as of 4 PM GMT July 24th, I have update this thread.
    Granzella has changed the start time (again).
  17. drake21734

    drake21734 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I just bought my gear, ready for tomorrow!
  18. ReccaWolf

    ReccaWolf Well-Known Member

    @Faga: Yes, the Okubi event rewards changes every week until August 28th.

    I'll be buying my Kikai items and suit up for tomorrow as well. ;)

    Also, you cannot use your Kikai weapons in Edo for the Okubi event. It won't allow it as weapons in the game, since it's not recognizable as Edo weapons.
  19. Firefly

    Firefly Survivor of Sword Arts Online

    I got a question. Do the strength and healing medicine work in Kikai? I might try to forgo the bunny since I have Edo armor and bought the sword. Also got all that experience from EU and JP.


    My big problem with the Kikai event is that I'm very worried the Final Fantasy Open Beta might overlap it.
  20. faga4567

    faga4567 Well-Known Member

    Yes, all the powerup, recover, throwing items are usable for Kikai.
    The Edo armor is also usable, but not the Edo weapons.
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